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The Vinyl Tourist Visits Arizona

Featuring Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa

Sunny Phoenix and the adjacent communities of Tempe, Mesa, and Scottsdale are located in the appropriately named Valley of the Sun in central Arizona, in the southwestern United States. If you're in this area, there are several record stores and one outdoor market worth visiting.

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  1. Tracks N Wax
    4741 North Central Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ
    (602) 274-2660

    Tracks In Wax

    This unpretentious store, with the dancing mice painted on the window, is a record collector's dream. Filled almost entirely with vintage vinyl, this is the place to go for just about every category. The store is especially strong in soundtracks, comedy, Jazz, pop vocalists, and older rock. Condition varies, but the price is usually right. I found an original Spike Jones' Dinner Music For People Who Aren't Very Hungry for $10 as well as Sir Douglas Quintet's The Tracker for $6. Very strong in 45's, too.

  2. Stinkweeds Record Exchange
    12 W Camelback Road
    Phoenix, AZ 85013
    (602) 248-9461


    This is what record stores used to look like (well, almost). Stinkweeds is a roomy store with rows of new LP's and 45's as well as CD's and cassettes. With the exception of re-issues of classical and other vintage albums, they appear to stock virtually every new LP and 45 currently in print. Of course, this means their strength is in techno, house, new wave, etc. We picked-up new wax by El Vez, the Trashwomen, and Dick Dale plus a CD of the Shallow Grave soundtrack, featuring Leftfield. Strong selection of used jazz LP's, too. Check-out the Middle Eastern food next door.

  3. Bookman's
    1056 South Country Club Drive
    Mesa, AZ
    (480) 835-0505

    Imagine a Border's or Barnes & Noble which only stocks used books as well as an excellent selection of used LP's and sheet music. At Bookman's, I found a nice selection of exotica (original pressings of Mystic Mood Orchestra's One Stormy Night, Henry Mancini's Greatest Hits, Arthur Lyman's Taboo, etc.) for about $5 - $10 each. Lots of half-speed remasters for reasonable prices, too. Big, bright, clean. Good picks in all categories. Check their website for other area locations.

  4. Rockzone Records
    2155 East University Drive #104
    Tempe, AZ 85281
    (480) 964-6301

    In January, 2007, Rockzone bought out the entire inventory of Rockaway Records and moved (along with most of Rockaway's staff) to a new location. They boast an inventory of over 20,000 new and used records in all formats, including 78s. New LPs are put out every Friday and prices start at a remarkably low 50¢. In their previous incarnation, I found bargains in several test and audiophile recordings: M & K's Bottom End LP and an Angel 12-inch 45rpm LP of Stravinsky's Firebird by Giulini and the CSO for $7 each. You may want to bring earplugs--when we were there, the staff was playing a CD of sound effects at over 100db.

  5. Revolver Records
    918 N. 2nd Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85004
    (602) 795-4980

    Revolver Records

    While I haven't personally visited Revolver Records, but they stock over 25,000 records, including a huge bargain section.

  6. Arizona Hi-Fi
    10 West Camelback Road
    Phoenix, AZ 85013
    (602) 264-4434

    Primarily a high-end audio shop, there is a selection of new vinyl to be found here, too.

  7. El Mercado, The Great Southwestern Swap Meet
    Southwest corner of 35th Avenue and Buckeye Road
    Phoenix, AZ
    Saturdays and Sundays Only!

    El Gran Mercado

    And now for something completely different... Every weekend, 1,400 vendors, almost all of whom appear to be slightly homesick Mexicans, set up stalls in El Gran Mercado, 40 acres of asphalt in the heart of southwest Phoenix. Most of the stalls feature clothing, hardware, and religious objects, but scattered in between the piñatas are a dozen or so music dealers. The format is 99% CD and cassette, the tunes are 100% Mexican, and the price is a uniform $10 per disc. It's worth the trip just to stroll up and down the aisles and pretend you're south of the border, if only for a few hours. Ever wonder where you could buy a faux leopard-skin jump suit for the señorita in your life, or an automatic transmission for him? This is the place where you can find them side-by-side with the latest tunes on Ciudad México's Top Ciento. Continuous live music and home cooking are also featured.

Last Update: March 2012

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