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Edison Phonograph

Perhaps, like me, you have a 30-year accumulation of "software" in the form of a few thousand recordings. You want to enjoy them to the max, but you're unsure about the right hardware for optimal playback... "Hmmm... Sony rack mount system or Mark Levinson's Cello Suite with Wilson Grand Slamms?" Here are some personal recommendations that won't bust your wallet... and some that will!

A Brief Introduction...

Rube Goldberg's Turntable

Although a complete discussion of home audio is beyond the scope of The Vinyl Tourist web site, some background is included to provide a context for the sections which follow.

High-End Audio is generally defined as that area of home electronics which seeks to accurately recreate an original musical experience in one's private listening space. Since the 1950s, this has typically referred to two-channel stereo, but high-quality monaural systems, as well as surround-sound, also qualify.
Playback equipment ("hardware") can be homemade [most of the Vinyl Tourist's is, including the turntable] or store bought [well, OK, the VT did purchase the tonearm and cartridge]. Recordings ("software") can be sourced from a variety of media: magnetic tape (reel-to-reel, cassette, or DAT), records (78, 45, 33 1/3, or 16 rpm disks), digital discs (compact discs, SACDs, or DVD/As) or even an FM tuner. Since the Vinyl Tourist, after all, is a "Record Collector's Site," the discussion will be focused mainly on topics that relate to LPs:

Good Sound For $1,000?

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