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Pérez Prado Discography:
Pre-Recorded Tapes

"A Touch Of Tabasco"
Prerecorded tapes by Dámaso Pérez Prado, El Rey del Mambo.

Original country of production or release as [noted].

    7 1/2 ips Reel-To-Reel Tapes

  • 1958 - "Prez" (RCA APS-105) [2-Track Stereo] [US]
    A six song version of the LP release.
  • 1959 - Pops and Prado (RCA APS-238) [2-Track Stereo] [US]
    A six song version of the LP release.
  • 196? - The Wonderful World Of Motion Pictures/Magnificent Movie Music (Ampex UAF-6476) [4-Track Stereo] [US]
    Two albums on one tape. Includes "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White."
  • 196? - The Exciting Sounds Of The Big Bands (Flair 180) [4-Track Stereo] [US]
    Includes "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" and "Frenesi."
  • 1960 - A Touch Of Tabasco [and Rosemary Clooney] (RCA FTP-1022) [4-Track Stereo] [US]
  • 1960 - Big Hits by Prado (RCA FTP-1038) [4-Track Stereo] [US]
  • 1961 - Perez Prado's Rockambo (RCA FTP-1069) [4-Track Stereo] [US]
  • 1963 - 3 Great Bands (RCA FTP-1214) [4-Track Stereo] [US]
    Four songs each by Henry Mancini, Al Hirt, and Pérez Prado.

    Cassette Cartridge

    "Pops And Prado" Tape Cartridge
  • 1959 - Pops And Prado (RCA KPS-3073)[US]
    In 1958, RCA developed a tape cartridge system which used cassettes about the size and shape of a modern ˝-inch home video tape. Blank tapes, as well as pre-recorded titles like this one, were made available.

    8-Track Cartridges

  • 1958 - "Prez" (RCA)[US]
  • 196? - Flamingo (Altone 1013) [US]
  • 196? - Cadillac Swings Out With The Big Bands (PC8S 592 1602028) [Stereo] [US]
    An 8-track tape that was provided with a new Cadillac. Track 2 includes Perez Prado's "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White."
  • 1976 - Stereo For Today (Ford Motor Company)
    Includes "Mambo Jambo."


    Reissues and Anthologies

  • 1989 - Mambos (Sony Discos/Orfeon CBI-10801) [Mexico]
  • 199? - Big Band Classics (Classic 75) [US]
  • 199? - 20 Temas Originals (CTL)
  • 199? - Tesoros de la Musica (SMX7005)
  • 199? - Que Rico Mambo (CBS 994410801-4) [US]
  • 1991 - 15 Grandes Exitos (BMG/International 6411-4) [Mexico]
  • 1993 - The Mambo King - Vol. 1 (RCA/BMG Tropical/Classic 3495-4-RL)
  • 1995 - Mondo Mambo! The Best of Perez Prado (Rhino R4-71889) [US]
  • 1997 - 15 Grandes Exitos de Pérez Prado (BMG/International 49062-4)
  • 1997 - Serie Sinfonola Tropica - Vol. 2 (BMG 048496-4)
  • 1998 - Coleccion Original (BMG 062852-4) [US]

    Compilations (Various Artists)

  • 1994 - Billboard Pop Memories 1955-59 (MCA)
    Includes "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White."
  • 1995 - Mambo Mania: Kings and Queens of Mambo (Rhino) [US]
    Includes "Pachito E-Che."
  • 1995 - My Family [Mi Familia] [WEA/Elektra] [US]
    Motion picture soundtrack. Includes "Que Rico El Mambo."
  • 1999 - Office Space (UNI/Interscope) [US]
    Motion picture soundtrack. Includes "Mambo #8" and "The Peanut Vendor."

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The Pérez Prado Discography was compiled by Joseph Levy with additional help from:
  • Michael Macdonald-Ross (Non-US and Beny Moré LPs and films)
  • Pekka Salonen
  • Pepe Luhtala (78s)
  • John Wade (45s)
  • Agustine Velez (LPs and CDs)
  • Juan Pedro Rivera (LPs, CDs and films)
  • Jaime Jaramillo (Films)
  • Lennart Persson (European LPs and CDs)
  • Eric Chapman (European and other LPs)
  • Silvano Bracco (Italian LPs)
  • Hiroyoshi Kuwayama (Japanese LPs)
  • Peter Principle (Mexican LPs)
  • Cary Ginell (78s and 45s)
  • David Racine (Video Game)
  • Maria Lilienheim (Argentine LPs and 45s)
  • Jerry Priessen (LPs and 45s)

Last Revision: 27 September 2009

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