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Pérez Prado Discography

"Exotic Suite Of The Americas"

Recordings by Dámaso Pérez Prado, El Rey del Mambo.

Original country of first release as [noted]. In many cases other pressings also exist, as well as "white label" promos, etc.

Coming soon: Album track listings and cover art.

Table of Contents:

  • LPs 1951-1988
    • RCA Original Albums And Anthologies
    • RCA Compilations (Various Artists)

  • LPs 1954-1991
    • Other Labels: Original Albums, Anthologies, and Compilations (Various Artists)
    • Related LPs
      • Beny Moré and Pérez Prado
      • Other Related LPs

  • 78rpm Records 1947-1959
    • 78 rpm Singles - RCA Mexicana Series (Spanish Language/Black Label)
    • 78 rpm Singles - RCA International Series (Spanish Language/Purple Label)
    • 78 rpm Singles - RCA Pop Series (English Language/Black Label)
    • 78 rpm Album

  • 45rpm Records 1950-1966
    • 45 rpm Album
    • 45 rpm EP's
    • 45 rpm Singles - RCA Latin American Series
    • 45 rpm Singles - RCA US Popular Series
    • 45 rpm Singles - Other Labels

  • CDs 1986-2000
    • Reissues and Anthologies: Tumbao Cuban Classics
    • Reissues and Anthologies: RCA/BMG Releases
    • Reissues and Anthologies: Sony Discos/Orfeon Releases
    • Reissues and Anthologies: PGD/Polygram Releases
    • Reissues and Anthologies: Japanese Releases
    • Reissues and Anthologies: All Other Labels
    • Compilations (Various Artists)
    • Related CD's

  • Films, Videos, Television, Etc.

  • Pre-Recorded Tapes
    • Reel-to-Reel
    • Cartridge
    • 8-Track
    • Cassette

  • Miscellaneous Items
    • Sheet Music
    • Publicity Photos
    • Gumball Charms
    • Video Game
    • Ringtones

  • Pantaléon Pérez Prado - Younger brother of Dámaso.

Most of the Pérez Prado catalogue was originally published by Peer International, now known as Peermusic, and is licensed through BMI. You can contact the publisher as follows:

Copyright Department
810 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10019-5818

Telephone: (212) 265-3910
Fax: (212) 489-2465


Pérez Prado Biography
Pérez Prado

The Pérez Prado Discography was compiled by Joseph Levy with additional help from:
  • Michael Macdonald-Ross (Non-US and Beny Moré LPs and films)
  • Pekka Salonen
  • Pepe Luhtala (78s)
  • John Wade (45s)
  • Agustine Velez (LPs and CDs)
  • Juan Pedro Rivera (LPs, CDs and films)
  • Jaime Jaramillo (Films)
  • Lennart Persson (European LPs and CDs)
  • Eric Chapman (European and other LPs)
  • Silvano Bracco (Italian LPs)
  • Hiroyoshi Kuwayama (Japanese LPs)
  • Peter Principle (Mexican LPs)
  • Cary Ginell (78s and 45s)
  • David Racine (Video Game)
  • Maria Lilienheim (Argentine LPs and 45s)
  • Jerry Priessen (LPs and 45s)

Spot any mistakes? Know of any albums not on this list? Have anything on my Want List for sale - or know where I can find it? Please . Thanks!

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