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"Juke Box Music"

This basic discography is designed for the average collector and lists every major recording along with the [country] of original release. In some instances this is followed by secondary listings of major variations. Note that US labels often issued or licensed copies for release in Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, etc. Also, records on the Sonet label may be from Sweden, the UK or other countries. Some albums and singles may have minor label or cover differences as they were repressed or reprinted. Some dates are approximate.

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    Original Albums, Reissues and Anthologies

  • 1965 - The Best Of Sir Douglas Quintet (Tribe TR-37001, Mono) (Tribe TRS-47001, Stereo) [US]
    Reissued as:
    • 1975 - (Crazy Cajun CCLP 1003) [Stereo] [US]
      "Crazy Cajun" is both the nickname and record label of producer Huey Meaux.
    • 2000 - (Sundazed/BeatRocket BR 123) [US]
      Reissue of Tribe TR-37001, plus two bonus tracks, "Bacon Fat" and "Blue Norther."
  • 1968 - Sir Douglas Quintet + 2 = Honkey Blues (Smash SRS 67108) [US]
  • 1969 - Mendocino (Smash SRS 67115) [US]
    • 1975 - (Oval OVLM 5001) [UK]
    • 1980 - (Mercury 9279 125) [Holland]
      Includes five extra cuts.
    In 1982 Huey Meaux released a different record with the same title (see below).
  • 1970 - Together After Five (Smash SRS 67130) [US]
  • 1970 - 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 (Philips PHS 600-344) [US]
  • 1970 - What About Tomorrow? (Mercury PH 6859 202) [Switzerland]
    Includes material from Sir Douglas Quintet + 2 = Honkey Blues, Mendocino, and Together After Five.
  • 1971 - The Return Of Doug Saldaña (Philips PHS 600-353) [US]
  • 1973 - Rough Edges (Mercury SRM 1-655) [US]
  • 1973 - Doug Sahm And Band (Atlantic SD 7254) [US]
    Some white label promos are also in Mono.
    • 1985 - (Edsel DED 154) [UK]
  • 1973 - Texas Tornado (Atlantic SD 7287) [US]
  • 1974 - Groover's Paradise (Warner Brothers BS2810) [US]
  • 1975 - Re-Union Of The Cosmic Brothers (Crazy Cajun CCLP 1013) [US]
    Freddy Fender and "Sir Douglas" Sahm recorded live at Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, Texas.
  • 1975 - Pop Gold (Oval 25 044 XAT) [West Germany]
  • 1976 - Texas Rock For Country Rollers (ABC-Dot DOSD-2057) [US]
  • 1976 - Country Cookin' Program #286 (Army Reserve 74940) [Compatible Stereo] [US]
    A radio show produced by the US Army Reserve. Program #286 featured an interview with Doug Sahm by Lee Arnold. Scheduled for broadcast on November 7th, 1976, and released as Side 2 of a two-record set which includes program numbers 285-288.
  • 1977 - The Tracker (Crazy Cajun CCLP 1029) [US]
  • 1977 - Live Love (Texas Re-Cord Co. TRC-1007) [US]
    Also released as:
    • 1979 - Wanted Very Much Alive (Sonet SNTF-804) [UK]
  • 1978 - Don Goldie With The Sir Douglas Quintet (Crazy Cajun CCLP 1095) [US]
    Side 1 features five songs by Doug Sahm; Side 2 includes five songs by by Don Goldie.
  • 1979 - Way Back When He Was Just Doug Sahm (Harlem 1005) [US]
    An anthology of early singles originally issued on the Harlem, Satin, and Warrior labels plus two previously unreleased cuts.
    • 1981 - (Rockhouse AZ/2 434) [France]
    • 1981 - (Charley CR30188) [UK]
  • 1980 - Motive [series] - Sir Douglas Quintet (Mercury 6463 093) [West Germany]
  • 1980 - Hell Of A Spell (Takoma TAK-7075) [US]
  • 1980 - The Best Of The Sir Douglas Quintet (Takoma TAK-7086) [US]
  • 1981 - The Tracker (R+M UDL 2343) [Stereo] [US]
    A pirate of Tribe TRS-47001, not to be confused with Crazy Cajun CCLP 1029, another LP with the same title.
  • 1981 - Border Wave (Takoma TAK-7088) [US]
  • 1982 - Mendocino (HEP 4371) [Holland]
    Released by Huey Meaux. Includes rare tracks from his Tribe label plus a live version of the title track.
  • 1982 - Still Growin' [Augie Meyers With Doug Sahm] (Sonet SNTF 883) [Sweden]
  • 1982 - Quintessence (Sonet SNTF-881) [Sweden]
    • 1983 - (Varrick 004) [US]
  • 1982 - Made In Texas (Accord SJA-7905) [US]
    This title appears in several discographies, but was never actually released.
  • 1983 - Live Texas Tornado (Takoma TAK-7095) [US]
  • 1983 - The West Side Sound Rolls Again (Teardrop TD-5000) [US] and (Amigo AMLP-2006) [Sweden]
  • 1983 - Midnight Sun (Sonet SNTF-897) [Sweden] and (Stony Plain SPL-1065) [Canada]
  • 1984 - Doug Sahm/Sir Douglas Quintet Featuring Bob Dylan (Universe DLS 54) [Holland]
    Concert bootleg album. Bob Dylan does not actually appear on this recording.
    Also released as:
    • 1984 - Live! Goin' To San Antone (P-Vine PLP-733) [Japan]
  • 1984 - Back To The Dillo (Sonet SNTF-890) [Sweden]
  • 1984 - Rio Medina (Sonet SNTF-912) [Sweden] and (Stony Plain SPL 1078) [Canada]
  • 1985 - Love Ya Europa (Sonet SNTF-936) [Sweden]
  • 1986 - The Collection (Castle CCSLP-133) [2 LP's] [UK]
    Reissue of The Best Of The Sir Douglas Quintet (Takoma TAK-7086) and Border Wave (TAK-7088).
  • 1986 - Texas Road Runner (Moonshine BLP-701) [Belgium]
    Compilation of singles originally released on the Renner label 1961-1964.
  • 1986 - Doug Sahm Presents The Texas Mavericks: Who Are These Masked Men? (New Rose 112) [France] and (Sonet SLP-3113) [Sweden]
    Sahm performs under the name "Sam Dogg."
  • 1987 - Doug Sahm Live (Topline TOP-172) [UK]
  • 1987 - Return Of The Formerly Brothers [The Amos Garrett - Doug Sahm - Gene Taylor Band] (Stony Plain SPL-1104) [Canada]
  • 1988 - Juke Box Music (Antone's ANT-0008) [US]
    • 1988 - Smoky gray translucent vinyl (Antone's ANT-0008) [US]
      The stock US release is on brown translucent vinyl. The difference between the brown and gray versions is only obvious when the record is held up to a strong light.
    • 1988 - (ACE CH 278) [UK]
      The UK version contains one additional song.
  • 1989 - Sir Doug's Recording Trip (Edsel DED 255) [2 LP's] [UK]
  • 1991 - Live in Japan: The Amos Garrett - Doug Sahm - Gene Taylor Band (Marilyn FM 1008-LP) [France]
  • 2000 - The Sir Douglas Quintet Is Back! (Sundazed/BeatRocket BR 124) [US]
    A collection of 14 singles, B-sides and vintage 1965-66 Tribe Records material unissued at the time.
  • 2000 - San Antonio Rock (Norton ED-274) [US]
    Harlem label recordings from 1957-1961.
  • 2011 - The Mono Singles '68-72 (Sundazed) [US]
    A collection of 22 songs that were sourced from the original analog mono masters, including a selection of rare, non-album B-sides. Also released on CD.

    Related LP's

    Doug Sahm:

  • 1970 - Louie and the Lovers, Rise (Epic KE-30026) [US]
    Produced by Doug Sahm.
  • 1973 - Willie Nelson - Shotgun Willie (Atlantic Records CD 7262-2) [US]
    Sahm sings background vocals and plays electric guitar on "Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer)" and plays electric guitar on "Devil In a Sleeping Bag."
  • 1974 - Yusef Lateef - Part of the Search (Atlantic Records LP/Collectables CD COL-6355) [US]
    Sahm is credited with playing guitar and arranging "Oatsy Doatsy."
  • 1976 - Willie Nelson - The Troublemaker (Columbia Records CK 92583) [US]
    Sahm is credited with background vocals and fiddle on this religious/gospel recording.
  • 1977 - Rick Danko (Arista AB-4141) [US}
    Sahm plays lead guitar on "Tired of Waiting" and "Sip the Wine."
  • 1979 - Freda & The Firedogs - Live From the Old Soap Creek Saloon (Big Wheel Records) [US]
    Sahm sings lead vocals on "Texas Me."
  • 1982 - Red Jenkins - Redneck In a Rock & Roll Bar (Shannon Records SMTE 5012) [Sweden]
    Sahm sings a duet with Red Jenkins on the title track from this Sweden only release.
  • 1990 - Texana Dames (Amazing Records AM-1018) [US]
    Sahm plays Bajo Sexto on "Quiero Ser Solo Tuya" and "Arriba Nuevo Mexico."

    Sir Douglas Quintet:

  • 1971 - The Quintet, Future Tense (United Artists UAS-5514) [US]
    This album features the SDQ minus Doug Sahm.
  • 1973 - The Grateful Dead, Wake Of The Flood (Grateful Dead Records GD-01) [US]
    Backup musicians from the SDQ include Martin Fierro (alto and tenor saxophones), Frank Morin (tenor saxophone), and Doug Sahm (12-string guitar).

    Martin Fierro and Frank Morin:

  • 1968 - Mother Earth, Living With The Animals (Mercury SR 61194) [US]
    The SDQ's horn players appear here with Tracy Nelson's group.
  • 1971 - Quicksilver Messanger Service, What About Me? (Capitol 16092) [US]
    Includes Fiero (woodwinds) and Morin (sax).

    Martin Fierro plays sax on the following releases:

  • 1968 - James Cotton, Cut You Loose (Vanguard VSD-79283) [US]
  • 1968 - Mother Earth, Revolution (Mercury SR-61194) [US]
  • 1969 - Shades Of Joy, Shades Of Joy ((Fontana SRF-67598) [US]
  • 1972 - Jerry Garcia, Hooteroll (Douglas 30859) [US]
  • 1972 - Hoodoo Rhythm Devils, Rack Jobbers Blues (Capitol ST-842) [US]
  • 1973 - Merl Saunders, Live At The Keystone (Fantasy F79002) [US]
  • 1974 - Jose Chepito Areas, Jose Chepito Areas (CBS KC-33062) [US]
  • 1975 - Cesar, Cesar 830 (Flying Dutchman 0830) [US]
  • 1975 - Loudon Wainwright III, Unrequited (CBS PC-33369) [US]
  • 1979 - Mandre, M 3000 (Tamla Motown M7917 R1) [US]

    Frank Morin:

  • 1970 - The Flying Bear Medicine Show (Smash SRS 67125) [US]
    Produced by Frank Morin, who also plays sax on two cuts.

    Augie Meyers:

  • 1971 - Augie's Western Head Music Co. (Polydor 24-4069) [US]
  • 1973 - You Ain't Rollin' Your Roll Rite (Paramount PAS-6065) [US]
  • 1975 - Live at the Longneck (Texas Re-Cord Co. TRC 1002) [US]
  • 1977 - Finally in Lights (Texas Re-Cord Co. TRC 1005) [US]
    Also released as:
    • 1979 - (Sonet SNTF-803) [Sweden]
  • 1984 - August In New York (Sonet SNTF-910) [Sweden]
  • 1986 - Augie's Back (Sonet SNTF-955) [Sweden]
  • 1986 - My Main Squeeze (Atlantic America 90856-1) [US]

    Additional LP's on Augie Meyers's Texas Re-Cord Company label:

  • 1977 - Denny Ezba, Sings His Greatest Hits From Four Thousand Years Ago (Texas Re-Cord TRC-1001)
  • 1977 - The Lost Highway Band, Travelin' Light (Texas Re-Cord TRC-1003)
  • 1977 - Brother Al Stricklin, Now [Wanted Alive] (Texas Re-Cord TRC-1004)
  • 1977 - John Stuckey, A Little Exposure (Texas Re-Cord TRC-1006)
  • 1977 - Jackie King, Skylight (Texas Re-Cord TRC-1008)

    Compilations (Various Artists)

  • 196? - All American Hits (Parrot 71023)
    Includes "She's About A Mover" by the Sir Douglas Quintet.
  • 19?? - 15 Original Rock and Roll Biggies - Vol. 1 (AVI Records)
    Includes "She's About A Mover" by the Sir Douglas Quintet.
  • 1970 - Zig-Zag Festival (Mercury SRD-02-29) [2-LP set] [Stereo] [US]
    Includes the Sir Douglas Quintet and 15+ other performers.
  • 1974 - Deep Ear (Warner Brothers WBRO-PRO-591) [2-LP set] [Stereo] [US]
    Includes "Tex Mex Trip" from Groover's Paradise.
  • 1976 - A Salute to Rock 'N Roll (Festival FR-1006) [US]
    Includes the original Tribe version of "She's About A Mover" by the SDQ.

  • 1976 - The Hit-Kickers Series - Vol. 2 (Festival FR-1015 & FR-1017) [US]
    Features the songs "In Time" and "Oh What A Mistake."
  • 1976 - The Hit-Kickers Series - Vol. 3 (Festival FR-1019 & FR-1020) [US]
    Features the songs "When I Sing The Blues" and "She Gotta Be Boss."
  • 1976 - The Hit-Kickers Series - Vol. 4 (Festival FR-1021) [US]
    Features the song "El Paso Train."
  • 1976 - The Hit-Kickers Series - Vol. 5 (Festival FR-1024, FR-1025, & FR-1026) [US]
    Features the songs "Please Just Say So," "Isabella," and "Sugar Bee."
  • 1976 - The Hit-Kickers Series - Vol. 6 (Festival FR-1027) [US]
    Features the song "You're Out Walking The Streets Tonight."
  • 1976 - The Hit-Kickers Series - Vol. 7 (Festival FR-1030, FR-1031 & FR-1032) [US]
    Features the songs "Into Each Life," "We'll Take Our Last Walk Tonight," and "Blue Norther."
  • 1976 - The Hit-Kickers Series - Vol. 8 (Festival FR-1035) [US]
    Features the song "She's About A Mover."
  • 1976 - The Hit-Kickers Series - Vol. 9 (Festival FR-1038) [US]
    Features the song "Ain't Nothing Wrong With You."

    The Hit-Kickers Series was compiled by producer Huey P. Meaux from the archives of his various record companies. There are typically three LP's in each volume.

  • 1979 - My Skies Are Blue Again (51 West Q-16024) [Stereo] [US]
    Includes a song by Doug Sahm.
  • 1979 - More American Graffiti (MCA 2-11006) [US]
    Original soundtrack. Features Sahm's cover of Bo Diddley's "I'm A Man."
  • 1980 - For The Record/Austin Country 1973-1978 (Maverick Records LP-001)
    Includes songs by Doug Sahm ("Henrietta" from the Live Love LP; "Country Groove," a new version that differs from the one on Country Rock For Texas Rollers), Augie Meyers & the Western Head Band ("High Texas Rider"), and Carolyn Meyer and the Western Head Band ("Meet Me In Seguin").
  • 1982 - An Officer And A Gentleman (Island 90017) [US]
    Original soundtrack. Features the song "Be Real" by Wayne Douglas a/k/a Doug Sahm.
  • 1986 - Rare Tracks - Vol. 4 (Kevin Kat Records KKR-8) [US]
    A collection by San Antonio-based groups, including "Sir Doug Saldaña" (Doug Sahm).
  • 1986 - Rare Tracks - Vol. 5 (Kevin Kat Records KKR-12) [US]
    A collection by San Antonio-based groups, including "Sir Doug [Sahm]."
  • 198? - Don't Mess With Austin (New Rose) [France]
    Includes a song from Who Are These Masked Men? (New Rose 112)
  • 1988 - Classic Rock 1965: The Beat Goes On (Time-Life) [2-Record Set] [US]
    Includes the Smash version of "She's About A Mover."
  • 1990 - Live From The 60's #152 [3-Record set w/Cue Sheets] A syndicated radio show scheduled for broadcast December 10, 1990.. Hour three includes the Smash version of "She's About A Mover." However the cue sheet misspells it as "She's About A Move."
  • 1992 - Beach Music Sampler (Antone's Records ANT-9903) [US]
    Includes the songs "Hey Little Girl" and "Chicken and The Bomp" by Doug Sahm from the Juke Box Music LP. This was a limited edition dance LP released for the Shag [It's a dance step!] and Carolina Beach crowd who party along the southern coast of the United States.

Doug Sahm Biography
Doug Sahm Discography Contents Page
Doug Sahm
Doug Sahm
Contents Page

The Doug Sahm and the Sir Douglas Quintet Discography was compiled by
Joseph Levy and is based (in part) on earlier work published by:
  • Kevin Kosub
  • Willis "Bill" Fowler
  • DISCoveries and
  • Goldmine magazines,
    plus additional information provided by
  • Kilian Mathis,
    as well as original research.

Last Revision: March 2007

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  • The completist may also wish to visit Kilian Mathis's "Ultimate" Doug Sahm Discography which also includes complete track listings. Warning! This list is only for the truly obsessive and contains more information than you may really want to know!

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