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"Best of Atlantic Sessions"

This basic discography is designed for the average collector and lists every major recording along with the [country] of original release. In some instances this is followed by secondary listings of major variations. Note that US labels often issued or licensed copies for release in Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, etc. Also, CD's on the Sonet label may be from Sweden, the UK or other countries. Some albums and singles may have minor label or cover differences as they were repressed or reprinted. Some dates are approximate.

Coming soon: Album track listings plus cover art.

    CDs: Original Releases, Reissues, And Anthologies

  • 1984 - Rockin' On Route 37 (Tendolar TDR) [Japan]
    Bootleg CD of a live concert in Holland, plus additional cuts from various albums.
  • 1986 - Live Texas Tornado (Takoma CDP-72795) [US]
    Reissue of Takoma TAK-7095.
  • 1986 - The Collection (Castle CCSCD 133) [France]
    Reissue of The Best Of The Sir Douglas Quintet (Takoma TAK 7086) and Border Wave (TAK 7088).
  • 1987 - The Best Of The Sir Douglas Quintet (Takoma CDP-72786) [US]
    Reissue of Takoma TAK 7086.
  • 1987 - Midnight Sun (Sonet SNTCD 897) [Sweden]
    Reissue of Sonet SNTF 897 with one extra track, "Bad Moon Rising."
  • 1987 - Return Of The Formerly Brothers [The Amos Garrett - Doug Sahm - Gene Taylor Band] (Rykodisc 10127) [US]
    Also released as:
    • 1989 - (Stony Plain SPCD 1104) [Canada]
    • 1989 - (Bear Tracks BTCD 971408) [Germany]
      Includes one extra track, "Queen Of The Okanagan."
  • 1988 - Juke Box Music (Antone's ANT-0008CD) [US]
    Contains four more tracks than the original Antone's LP.
  • 1990 - Texas Mavericks: Who Are These Masked Men? (Teichi TECP-25552) [Japan]
    Reissue of New Rose 112/Sonet SLP 3113.
  • 1988 - Doug Sahm Live (Bear Family BTCD 943 401) [Germany]
  • 1988 - King Of Tex-Mex (Canyon International D20Y0254) [Japan]
  • 1988 - Spotlight (Sonet SPCD 14) [Sweden]
  • 1990 - Doug Sahm And Band (Atlantic/MMG AMCY-46-2) [Japan] and (Edsel ED 154) [UK]
    Reissue of Atlantic SD 7254.
  • 1990 - Texas Tornado (Atlantic/MMG AMCY-47-2) [Japan]
    Reissue of Atlantic SD 7287.
  • 1990 - The Best of Doug Sahm And The Sir Douglas Quintet 1968-1975 (Mercury/Polygram 846 586-2) [US]
  • 1990 - Live in Japan: The Amos Garrett - Doug Sahm - Gene Taylor Band (Stony Plain SPCD-1164) [Canada]
  • 1992 - The Best Of Doug Sahm and Friends: Atlantic Sessions (Rhino R2 71032) [US]
    Includes five previously unreleased cuts. Similar cover to Mercury/Polygram 846 586-2, but with different track selection.
  • 1992 - Kansas City (ORO 145) [EEU]
  • 1994 - Texas Rock For Country Rollers (MCA MSD 35477) [US]
    Reissue of ABC-Dot DOSD-2057.
    Also reissued as:
    • 1997 - (Edsel EDSE-0000535) [UK]
  • 1994 - Texas Music - Vol. 3 (Rhino) [US]
  • 1994 - Day Dreaming at Midnight (Elektra 61474-2) [US]
  • 1994 - Collection (COL 060) [Holland]
  • 1994 - The Last Great Texas Blues Band (Antone's ANT 0036) [US]
    Rereleased as:
    • 1997 - (Discovery 74212-2) [US]
  • 1995 - Get On Up (Collectables Records COL-0669) [US]
  • 1995 - Rolling The Dice--Best Of Harlem Records (Collectables Records COL-5567) [US]
  • 1995 - Mendocino (Eurotrand CD 157.123) [EEU]
    Also released as:
    • Lighter Shade Of Pale (CSI Old Gold Classics) [Switzerland]
    • Whiter Shade Of Pale (Prestige)
    • Kansas City (The Collection Oro 145) [Holland]
    • 2001 - (Smash) [UK]
    • 2002 - (Original Recordings Remastered) (Acadia Records)
  • 1996 - His Early Years (Collectables Records COL-5559) [US]
  • 1996 - Texas Fever (AIM 2018) [Australia]
    A 20 song compilation of two LP's from the 1980's: Live Texas Tornado and The Best of Sir Douglas Quintet.
  • 1998 - Doug Sahm Rare Tracks (Real Music Lovers present:) [Switzerland]
    A privately issued anthology of songs by Doug Sahm, the SDQ, the Texas Mavericks, and the Texas Tornados taken from CD singles and compilations.
  • 1998 - The Texas Tornado--Get A Life (Munich Records America MUSA 505) [Holland]
    Also released as:
    • 1998 - SDQ '98 (Watermelon WAT-0011076) [US]
  • 1998 - Back To The 'Dillo (Edsel) [UK]
    Reissue of Sonet SNTF-890.
  • 1998 - Live Love (Edsel MEDCD 557) [UK]
    Reissue of Texas Re-Cord Co. TRC-1007 (and Sonet SNTF-804).
  • 1999 - The Crazy Cajun Recordings (Edsel MEDCD 599) [2-CD set] [UK]
  • 1999 - The Tracker (Diablo 880) [UK]
    Early recordings from the Crazy Cajun label featuring the Don Goldie sessions and bonus cuts.
    Also released as:
    • 1999 - The Tracker + 10 (Phantom)
  • 1999 - The Prime of Sir Douglas Quintet (Music Club) [UK]
    A collection of early singles, previously released on the Tribe label.
  • 2000 - Soul Jam (Classic World CWR 9947) [US]
    While the release notes call it "A live performance (circa 1964) of [mostly] R & B standards," it's reported to really be a rehash of material released earlier on other CDs like Lighter Shade Of Pale and Doug Sahm Live on Bear Family.
  • 2000 - San Antonio Rock (Norton CD-274) [US]
    Harlem label recordings from 1957-1961.
  • 2000 - The Best Of The Sir Douglas Quintet (Sundazed/BeatRocket BRCD 123) [US]
    Reissue of Tribe TR-37001, plus two bonus tracks, "Bacon Fat" and "Blue Norther."
  • 2000 - The Sir Douglas Quintet Is Back! (BeatRocket/Sundazed BRCD 124) [US]
    A collection of 14 singles, B-sides and vintage 1965-66 Tribe Records material unissued at the time.
  • 2000 - In The Beginning (Phantom) [Australia]
    A collection of early singles. Scheduled for release in the US in August, 2000.
  • 2000 - The Return of Wayne Douglas (Tornado Records 002) [US]
    Also released on (Tornado) [UK] and (Phantom) [Australia].
    Doug Sahm performing as "Wayne Douglas" in his final recording sessions.
  • 2003 Doug Sahm - The Genuine Texas Groover (Rhino Hand-Made RHM2 7845) [US]
    A 2-CD set which includes the complete "Doug Sahm & Band" and "Texas Tornado" LPs, as well as unreleased material from the same 1972-73 sessions. Limited Edition of 5000.
  • 2005 - The Complete Mercury Masters (Hip-O Select / Mercury) [US]
    A 5-CD boxed set that includes the six original albums recorded for Mercury / Smash, plus singles, Spanish language releases, and additional bonus material. Limited Edition of 5000.
  • 2007 - Live From Austin Texas (New West Records) [US]
    A live appearance of the SDQ from October 14, 1975, on Public Broadcasting's Austin City Limits TV show. Also released on a DVD.
  • 2008 - Sir Douglas Quintet: Scandinavian Years (Universal Music) [Norway]
    An anthology of songs mainly from the Sonet recordings of the early 1980s.
  • 2008 - Spotlight on Sir Douglas Quintet (Mbop Direct - Zone 5)
    A 12-song anthology.
  • 2009 - Juke Box Music/The Last Real Texas Blue (Indie Europe/Zoom)
    A two-disc reissue of those albums.
  • 2009 - Kansas City & Other Favorites (CW Music)
    A 14-song anthology.
  • 2010 - Doug Sahm: The San Antonio Hipster (San Antonio Records) [Sweden]
    A 21-song anthology.
  • 2010 - Sir Douglas Quintet And Beyond: Texas Gold (San Antonio Records) [Sweden]
    A 19-song anthology.
  • 2010 - He's About a Groover: An Essential Collection (Great American Music) [US]
    A two-disc set that contains 50 Tracks spanning Dough Sahm's solo career from 1957 to 1980, plus the best from Sir Douglas Quintet. This collection contains popular hits, as well as previously unreleased studio and live tracks.
  • 2011 - He's About a Groover: An Essential Collection, Vol. 2 (Fuel 2000) [US]
    A 12-track reissue of popular hits.
  • 2011 - The Mono Singles '68-72 (Sundazed) [US]
    The 22 songs on this collection were been sourced from the original analog mono masters and include a selection of rare non-album B-sides. Also released as a two-disk LP set.
  • 2012 - The Last Real Texas Blues Band (Live In Stockholm) (San Antonio Records) [Sweden]

    CD Compilations (Various Artists) and Related CDs

  • 1986 - Deep In The Heart Of Texas (Zu-Zazz CDZ-2016) [Germany]
    A compilation of San Antonio artists assembled by Kevin Kosub (aka Kevin Kat). Includes "Will You Love Me Manana/A Whiter Shade Of Pale" by "Sir Doug Saldaña" [Sahm], "Take A Walk In The Rain" by Flaco Jiminez, and "Loco Vacquero" by Augie Meyers.
  • 1987 - The Grateful Dead, Wake Of The Flood (Grateful Dead Records GDCD4002) [US]
    Backup musicians from the SDQ include Martin Fierro (alto and tenor saxophones), Frank Morin (tenor saxophone), and Doug Sahm (12-string guitar). Originally released on LP in 1973.
  • 1987 - Rockin' Down The Block (Silver Eagle Records, distributed by Capitol Records CDL-9729 or SED-10624) [2-CD set] [US]
    A 40 song compilation which includes "She's About A Mover."
  • 1988 - Classic Rock 1965: The Beat Goes On (Time-Life 2 CLR-08/Sony A 20581) [US]
    Includes the original 1965 Tribe version of "She's About A Mover."
  • 1988 - Classic Rock 1969 (Time-Life 2 CLR-06/Warner Special Products OPCD-2560) [US]
    Includes the stereo version of "Mendocino" from the album of the same name.
  • 1988 - HBO Presents... 1st And Ten - The Party Animal Album (Capitol Special Markets/Silver Eagle Records SED-10784/CDL-9728) [US]
    A 2-CD compilation released to promote the US cable channel HBO (Home Box Office) television series of the same name. The title is a term from American football and the set includes the original Tribe version of "She's About A Mover."
  • 1988 - Zuzu Bollin - Texas Bluesman (Antones Records ANT-0018)
    Sahm plays piano on "Hey Little Girl" and "Cold, Cold Feeling."
  • 1989 - Antone's--Bringing You The Best In Blues (Antone's ANT9901CD) [US]
    Includes the songs "I Don't Believe" and "What's Your Name" from the album Juke Box Music.
  • 1989 - The Juno Awards Collection - 1989 Official Program (The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences [CARAS])[Canada]
    A compilation of songs by the Juno Award Winners for 1989, including "Sure is a Good Thing" by the Amos Garrett - Doug Sahm - Gene Taylor Band.
  • 1989 - All-Ears Review, Volume 7: Still Amazing After All These Years (ROM Records 21007) [US]
    Includes "Money Over Love" by Doug Sahm from Juke Box Music.
  • 1989 - American Boyfriends (Penta)
    Original soundtrack to the movie of the same name. May include an SDQ song.
  • 199? - Classic Soft Music [3-CD Set] [US]
    Includes "She's About A Mover" by the SDQ.
  • 199? - Best Of San Antonio (Kevin Kat Records - KKR 14) [US]
    Includes one song by Doug Sahm and two by Augie Meyers.
  • 199? - Hey! Look What I Found (Mavis 4503) [US]
    Compilation includes "She's About A Mover."
  • 1990 - Classic Rock - Rock Renaissance II (Time-Life 2 CLR-21/Warner Special Products OPCD-2588) [US]
    Includes the original 1964 Tribe version of "The Rains Came."
  • 1990 - Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye: A Tribute To Roky Erickson (Sire 26422) [US]
    Includes the song "You're Gonna Miss Me" by Doug Sahm & Sons.
  • 1990 - TuneUp #59 November 26, 1990 (Album Network #59) [US]
    Includes "You're Gonna Miss Be Baby" by Doug Sahm.
  • 1990 - Willie Nelson - Shotgun Willie (Atlantic Records CD 7262-2) [US]
    Sahm sings background vocals and plays electric guitar on "Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer)" and plays electric guitar on "Devil In a Sleeping Bag." Reissue of 1973 LP.
  • 1991 - Rick Danko, Rick Danko (Edsel EDCD317) [UK]
    Doug Sahm plays guitar on this solo album by one of the members of The Band. Originally released on LP in 1977. Reissued again on CD in 1997 on One Way Records (One Way 34497).
  • 1991 - I Shall Be Unreleased -- The Songs Of Bob Dylan (Rhino 70518) [US]
    Includes "Wallflower" from Doug Sahm and Band.
  • 1992 - The Leroi Brothers - Crown Royale (Rounder Records CD 9031)
    Sahm sings harmony vocals on "Angeline."
  • 1992 - Beach Music Sampler (Antone's Records ANT-9903CD) [US]
    Includes the songs "Hey Little Girl" and "Chicken and The Bomp" by Doug Sahm from Juke Box Music. This was a limited edition dance CD released for The Shag [It's a dance step!] and Carolina Beach crowd who party along the southern coast of the United States.
  • 1993 - Get Your Kicks On Route 66 (Movie Play MPV 2524) [Portugal]
  • 1993 - Uncle Tupelo, Anodyne (Sire) [US]
    Guest vocal by Doug Sahm on the song "Give Back the Key to My Heart."
  • 1994 - The Hole In The Wall 20th Anniversary Album (Maverick) [US]
    Includes the "Texas Tornado/San Antone/Lodi" medley, "Sometimes" and "Visions Of Johanna" by the Texas Mavericks with Doug Sahm.
  • 1994 - Texas Music - Vol. 3: Garage Bands & Psychedelia (Rhino R2 71783) [US]
    Includes the later (1969) Sir Douglas Quintet version of "She's About A Mover" from the Mendocino LP and Augie Meyer's country-Tejano remake of "She Belongs To Me" (1973). Also available on cassette (Rhino R4 71783).
  • 1994 - Let It All Hang Out - '60s Party Hits (Polygram/Special Music Co. CPD-5026) [US]
    Includes "Medocino."
  • 1994 - Songs For The Alamo [US] (Stage Door 03061836)
    This CD is attributed to two sources, both located in San Antonio, Texas: 1. It was the soundtrack to the now-defunct Texas Adventure theme park and was sold in their gift shop. 2. It was released to raise money for the Façade Restoration Project of the Alamo Fund and sold at the Alamo Museum Gift Shop. This compilation only includes one song, "Sooner Or Later," by Doug Sahm & Augie Meyers.
  • 1995 - Jesse Dayton - Raisin' Caine (Justice Records JR 1901-2)
    Sahm is credited with playing Bajo Sexto.
  • 1995 - KGSR Broadcasts - Vol. 2 (KGSR Radio) [2-CD set] [US]
    Live "unplugged" performances originally broadcast by radio station KGSR 107.1 FM, Austin, Texas. Includes "Too Little, Too Late" by the SDQ (Disc 2, Song 2).
  • 1995 - Alias--The Sideman Story - Vol. 2 (Diamonds in Your Ear) [US]
    Volume 2 of a 5-volume bootleg set which highlights Bob Dylan's work as a sideman to other musicians. It includes pirated recordings of five songs from the Doug Sahm & Band album: "(Is Anybody Going To) San Antone," "Wallflower," "Blues Stay Away From Me," "Me And Paul," and "Faded Love." This disc is also available as part of a boxed-set of four CD's (Volumes 1-4) which include a 32-page booklet and possibly a tee-shirt.
  • 1995 - Alias--The Sideman Story - Vol. 5 (Diamonds in Your Ear) [US]
    Includes "Tennessee Blues" (recorded 5. October. 1972) by Doug Sahm with Bob Dylan [see previous entry, above].
  • 1995 - Dylan's Zip Gun (HTF Vol. 6) [US]
    Bootleg CD of Bob Dylan material. Volume 6 in the "Hard To Find" series. Includes five songs from the Doug Sahm and Band LP.
  • 1995 - Live From The House Of Blues #16 (Time-Warner) [US]
    Includes performances of "Green Onions" and a medley of "Mendocino/Starry Eyes/You Gonna Miss Me/Don't Slander Me" by The Last Real Texas Blues Band from the syndicated radio/television show.
  • 1996 - Twenty Years Of Stony Plain (Stony Plain) [Canada]
    A two CD compilation which includes "Banks Of The Old Pontchartrain" by Doug Sahm with The Formerly Brothers.
  • 1996 - Antone's 20th Anniversary (Discovery 74703) [2-CD set] [US]
    Includes the song "Crazy Crazy Baby" by Doug Sahm.
  • 1997 - ChartBusters Vols. 1-3 (Selective Sound Carrier 5409) [3-CD set] [US]
    Vol. 1 includes "Jolie Blon" and "Stoned Faces Don't Lie" by the SDQ.
  • 1997 - Lost Classics [Vol. 4] (Pradis Music LC004) [US]
    Vol. 4 of this 10-CD karaoke collection includes "Mendocino."
  • 1997 - Takoma Eclectic Sampler (Fantasy/Takoma TAKO-0008904) [US]
    Includes "I Keep Wishing For You" by the SDQ.
  • 1997 - Various Artists - Lounge-A-Palooza (Hollywood Records CD)
    Sahm plays Guitar on "Witchita Lineman" which features Glen Campbell, Freddy Fender, and Michelle Shocked trading off lead vocals.
  • 1998 - Takoma Eclectic Sampler - Vol. 2 (Fantasy/Takoma TAKO-0008906) [US]
    Includes "I'll Take Care Of You " by Doug Sahm.
  • 1998 - Rock 'N' Roll Graffiti (Ghostwriters) [50-CD set] [US]
    A compilation of 1229 hit songs from 1954-1969 on 50 compact discs sold to radio stations only. Includes "Mendocino" (Disc 42, song 22).
  • 1998 - Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968 (Rhino 75466) [4-CD boxed set] [US]
    A reissue of the 1972 Nuggets compilation with additional songs, including "She's About a Mover" on Disc 3, Track 8.
  • 1998 - Dateless Night (Buffalo Bop BUF-55069) [US]
    Various artists including "Crazy Daisy" by Doug Sahm.
  • 1998 - Little Boy Blue (Sonic Images SII-8810) [US]
    Original soundtrack album from the movie of the same name. Includes "Blessed Are These Tears" by Doug Sahm.
  • 1998 - Angela Strehli - Deja Blue (House of Blues/Platinum Records 51416 1399 2)
    Sahm duets with Angela on "Too Late" and plays guitar on "Close Together."
  • 1998 - Los Super Seven (BMG/RCA RCA-0067689) [US]
    Los Super Seven is a Mexican-American all-star band which includes Freddy Fender and Flaco Jimenez of the Texas Tornados. Their debut CD features a guest appearance by Doug Sahm, who sings with David Hidalgo and Rick Trevino on "Rio De Tenampa."
  • 1999 - Crazy Cajun's Cosmic Cowboys (Edsel) [UK]
    From the vaults of Huey Meaux's Crazy Cajun label comes a compilation of songs by Freddy Fender, Doug Sahm, and Floyd Tillman.
  • 1999 - Rick Monroe, Shame (Divorce Records DIVO-0006372) [US]
    Backing musicians include Augie Meyers (keyboards), Shawn Sahm (guitar, vocals) and Clay Meyers (drums).
  • 1999 - Jake Andrews, Time To Burn (WEA/SIRE/JERICHO SJER-0090002) [US]
    This debut CD features a guest appearance by Doug Sahm, who plays piano on "I'm Glad For Your Sake (But Sorry For Mine)."
  • 1999 - This Week In Americana...The Edge Of Country - #22
    A one hour weekly country music radio program originally aired on 5. March. 1999. Includes "Invitation To The Blues" by Doug Sahm.
  • 1999 - Ed Burleson, My Perfect World (Tornado 79001) [US]
    Produced by Doug Sahm, who is also credited with playing lead guitar, fiddle arrangements & co-writing "Dreamworld."
  • 2000 - Doug Sahm Hoot, recorded live at the Hole in the Wall
    This is an 18 song, live performance compilation recorded at the Doug Sahm Hoot Night at the Hole in the Wall, Austin, Texas, on February 10, 2000. It includes performances of Sahm tunes by the Nortons, Texas Mavericks with Alvin Crow, Shandon Sahm, and Joe King Carrasco, plus good, Damnations TX, and the Gourds. The first pressing has errors on 2 tracks (including one by the Gourds) which are corrected on the second pressing. You can distinguish the two by looking at the inscription on the underside (music side) of the CD. The second (corrected) pressing has the following line etched into the blank area around the spindle hole: "5/9/00, CC#5133 CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND-DOUG SAHM HOOT II"
  • 2000 - Bob Dylan & His Band, Just Like Doug Sahm's Blues! (Tex-Mex Black Ant Records #010) [US]
    A 2 CD set of Bob Dylan and his band, featuring Doug Sahm on guitar and vocals, that was recorded live at the Austin Music Hall, Austin, Texas, on November 5, 1995. Never offered for sale, only seven numbered copies were produced.
  • 2001 - Townes Van Zandt - Texas Rain (Tomato Records TOM-2001)
    Sahm duets with Townes Van Zandt on "Two Girls" and plays 12-String guitar on "Pancho & Lefty" and "Quicksilver Dreams of Maria." The sessions were originally recorded circa 1991.
  • 2001 - Triple J Live & Unleashed (Australian Broadcasting Corporation 12152) [Australia]
    A 2-CD set of live recordings including "You Am I" by Doug Sahm.
  • 2002 - Shawn Sahm (Evangline GEL 4047)
    Sahm plays fiddle on "Down In the Crud" and co-writes "Who's To Blame Seniorita" and "Mama's Out Rockin'" with son Shawn.
  • 2002 - Yusef Lateef - Part of the Search (Atlantic Records LP/Collectables CD COL-6355) [US]
    Sahm is credited with playing guitar and arranging "Oatsy Doatsy." Reissue of 1974 LP.
  • 2003 - Louie and the Lovers, Rise (Arcadia) [US]
    Reissue of Epic LP KE-30026. Produced by Doug Sahm.
  • 2004 - Willie Nelson - The Troublemaker (Columbia Records CK 92583) [US]
    Sahm is credited with background vocals and fiddle on this religious/gospel recording. Reissue of 1976 LP.
  • 2005 - Sid Griffin - As Certain As Sunrise (Prima Records SID 018)
    Griffin uses a Doug Sahm voice-over in his tribute recording of Doug's song "Just Let Her Go."
  • 2009 - Keep Your Soul: A Tribute to Doug Sahm (Vanguard) [US]
    Covers of Sahm songs by Los Lobos, Jimmy Vaughan, Alejandro Escovedo, Dave Alvin, Delbert McClinton, the Gourds, and others.

    CD Singles

  • 1990 - You're Gonna Miss Me (Sire PRO-CD-4735) [US]
    Promo single from the album Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye: A Tribute To Roky Erickson (Sire 26422).
  • 1994 - Too Little Too Late (WEA 66224-2) [US]
    Also includes "You Don't Know How Young You Are" and "Intoxication."
  • 1997 - Sooner or Later (Kommunikation SDQCDS-1) [Sweden]
    Also includes the song "Louis Riel."
  • 1998 - Goodbye San Francisco (Munich Records America MRCDS-808) [Holland]
    Also includes "Hello Amsterdam" and "St. Olav's Gate."

Doug Sahm Biography
Doug Sahm Discography Contents Page
Doug Sahm
Doug Sahm
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The Doug Sahm and the Sir Douglas Quintet Discography was compiled by
Joseph Levy and is based (in part) on earlier work published by:
  • Kevin Kosub
  • Willis "Bill" Fowler
  • DISCoveries and
  • Goldmine magazines,
    plus additional information provided by
  • Kilian Mathis,
    as well as original research.

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