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This basic discography is designed for the average collector and lists every major recording along with the [country] of original release. In some instances this is followed by secondary listings of major variations. Note that US labels often issued or licensed copies for release in Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, etc. Also, records and CD's on the Sonet label may be from Sweden, the UK or other countries. Some dates are approximate.

Coming soon: Album track listings plus cover art.

    Books and Other Printed Material

  • 2010 - Texas Tornado: The Times and Music of Doug Sahm, by Jan Reid with Shawn Sahm (University of Texas Press) [US]
    From the publisher: "Texas Tornado is the first biography of this national music legend. Jan Reid traces the whole arc of Sahm's incredibly versatile musical career, as well as the manic energy that drove his sometimes turbulent personal life and loves. Reid follows Sahm from his youth in San Antonio as a prodigy steel guitar player through his breakout success with the Sir Douglas Quintet and his move to California, where, with an inventive take on blues, rock, country, and jazz, he became a star in San Francisco and invented the 'cosmic cowboy' vogue. Reid also chronicles Sahm's later return to Texas and to chart success with the Grammy Award–winning Texas Tornados, a rowdy 'conjunto rock and roll band' that he modeled on the Beatles and which included Sir Douglas alum Augie Meyers and Tejano icons Freddy Fender and Flaco Jimenez."

    [More listings to follow.]

    Cassette Tapes

  • 1987 - Live Texas Tornado (Takoma) [US]
    Reissue of Takoma TAK-7095, originally released in 1983.
  • 1989 - Return Of The Formerly Brothers [The Amos Garrett - Doug Sahm - Gene Taylor Band] (Ryko) [US]
    Reissue of Stony Plain SPL-1104, originally released in 1987.
  • 1994 - The Last Great Texas Blues Band (Antone's) [US]
  • 1994 - Songs For The Alamo [US] (Stage Door 03061836)
    This tape is attributed to two sources, both located in San Antonio, Texas: 1. It was the soundtrack to the now-defunct Texas Adventure theme park and was sold in their gift shop. 2. It was released to raise money for the Façade Restoration Project of the Alamo Fund and sold at the Alamo Museum Gift Shop. This compilation only includes one song, "Sooner Or Later," by Doug Sahm & Augie Meyers.

    [More listings to follow.]

    8-Track Tapes

  • 1969 - Mendocino (Smash SC-8 67115) [US]
  • 1970 - Together After Five (Smash SC-8 67130) [US]
  • 1971 - The Return Of Doug Saldaña (Philips PC8 600-353) [US]
  • 1973 - Doug Sahm And Band (Atlantic ATL TP-7254) [US]
  • 1975 - The Best Of Sir Douglas Quintet (Crazy Cajun CC-1003) [US]
  • 1976 - Texas Rock For Country Rollers (ABC/Dot ??-2057) [US]
  • 1980 - Wild Thing (Lakeshore Music) [US]
    A various artists compilation which includes "She's About A Mover."


  • 199? - Lost Classics v.4 (Priddis LC004)
    CDG and cassette tape formats. Includes "Mendocino," but not performed by the SDQ.
  • 199? - Lost Classics v.10 (Priddis CDG-PS1243) and (TAPE-PS1243)
    CDG and cassette tape formats. Includes "Mendocino," but not performed by the SDQ.
  • 199? - American Hits Vol. 41 (PKL PKL-041)
    LD format. Includes "Mendocino Ragazzina." Out of print.

    Films and Videos

  • 1969 - Best Of Playboy After Dark
    Hef and Barbie Benton do the frug while Doug and the Quartet play "Mendocino." Compilation tapes made from the original video masters often show up on eBay.
  • 1972 - Cisco Pike
    Sir Douglas and the Quintet appear in this feature film which stars Kris Kristofferson and Gene Hackman. Released on DVD in 2006.
  • 1979 - More American Graffiti
    Doug Sahm has a bit part in this sequel to the original 1973 hit. A VHS home video (MCA Universal Home Video 55098, NTSC format) is available from Movies Unlimited.
  • 1981 - Fridays
    Fridays was ABC TV's answer to rival NBC's Saturday Night Live. Broadcast on Friday, February 20, 1981, this (infamous) episode featured Andy Kaufman as guest host. The SDQ played four songs, unusual for this type of program. Bootleg tapes often show up on eBay.
  • 1989 - American Boyfriends
    The soundtrack includes at least one song by the SDQ. Released on VHS home video and laserdisc, but currently out of print.
  • 1991 - Shingdig! Presents Frat Party (Rhino Home Video 1452)
    A 30-minute tape featuring original performances from the 1960s-era US television show. Includes "She's About A Mover" by the SDQ. VHS NTSC format only.
  • 2006 - Sir Douglas Quintet: Live From Austin, Texas (New West Records) [US]
    A live appearance of the SDQ from 1981 on Public Broadcasting's Austin City Limits TV show. Also released as a CD soundtrack.
  • 2007 - Live From Austin TX: Doug Sahm (New West Records) [US]
    A live appearance from 1975 on Public Broadcasting's Austin City Limits TV show. Also released as a CD soundtrack.

  • SDQ Related Videos on metacafe:

    Sheet Music

  • 1966 - She's About A Mover
  • 1969 - Mendocino

Doug Sahm Biography
Doug Sahm Discography Contents Page
Doug Sahm
Doug Sahm
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The Doug Sahm and the Sir Douglas Quintet Discography was compiled by
Joseph Levy and is based (in part) on earlier work published by:
  • Kevin Kosub
  • Willis "Bill" Fowler
  • DISCoveries and
  • Goldmine magazines,
    plus additional information provided by
  • Kilian Mathis,
    as well as original research.

Last Revision: September 2011

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  • The completist may also wish to visit Kilian Mathis's "Ultimate" Doug Sahm Discography which also includes complete track listings. Warning! This list is only for the truly obsessive and contains more information than you may really want to know!

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