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Various Artists
10 February 2000
The Hole In The Wall, Austin, Texas

Bands, Tracks
  1. The Nortons, Mendocino
  2. Texas Mavericks with Alvin Crow, Revolutionary Ways
  3. Texas Mavericks with Alvin Crow, Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone
  4. Texas Mavericks with Joe King Carrasco, Adios Mexico
  5. Texas Mavericks with Shandon Sahm, She's About a Mover
  6. Texas Mavericks ith Alvin Crow, Joe King Carrasco, and Shandon Sahm, Dynamite Woman
  7. good, Catch the Man on the Rise
  8. good, Give Back the Key to My Heart
  9. good, Tortilla Flats
  10. good, Juan Mendoza
  11. Damnations, TX, I Don't Want
  12. Damnations, TX, So Glad for Your Sake (So Sorry for Mine)
  13. Damnations, TX, Lawd, I'm Just a Country Boy (in this Great Big Freaky City)
  14. the Gourds, Amsterdam
  15. the Gourds, Crossroads
  16. the Gourds, Texas Me
  17. the Gourds, Nuevo Laredo
  18. The Nortons, Texas Me

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